Monday, February 28, 2011


Well since we last left off dear readers, things have changed.  After doing some minor yo-yoing I met my 5% goal!!  It took a lot of hard work and stripping in the hallway of a doctors office but I did it!  Ok so I didn't strip down completely but kinda..I went to my weekly weigh in at the office and I was 0.2lb's from my goal.  My intake person said that she wished she could write it for me but couldn't it, I replied i wish I could take off my shirt to which she replied, "Go for it!"  Only other person in the office was my nurse, male nurse I must mention, so I did it.  Whipped off my shirt and met goal.  Ok so I did have a bra on so not completely topless, and really, once you have 2 c-sections, modesty really does go out the window.

Next stage was insurance submittal.  I had all my requirements fulfilled, jsut had to get the psychiatrist to send her report and then they would submit for approval.  I found out this afternoon that I HAVE BEEN APPROVED!!!  So excited!  I am approved to have surgery between March 17th and June 17th.  Haven't gotten my date yet.  Soon.

So next step is waiting for the bariatric review board to meet and approve me as well.  The Surgeons, intake nurse, psychiatrist and administration meet once a month and review wether they feel that you will be a successful candidate and I suppose make sure they aren't wasting their time on you.  I'm really not worried about this phase.  Once that's done I will get a date, have to meet withthe surgeon again and also take a test about the surgery to see how much I have been paying attention.

Almost there!  I promise I'll keep you all updated!

Bad Bad Blogger

So I've been a bad bad blogger.  I sit down at night and think "I should blog"  then the kids need fed, Michael needs changed, if anyone wants to come and potty train for me feel free!, dinner to be made, homework, hubby, bedtime blah blah blah blah.  Basically life takes over.  I vow to get better.  It was recommended to me by someone I love, *coughJillcough* that I should set aside a day/night of the week and that's what I'm going to try to do from now on!!