Tuesday, April 5, 2011

1 More Week!

*running around in circles screaming*  1 more week!  1 more week!  And I really need it to get here!  I am seriously OCD weighing right now.  I have my pre-op appointment Thursday morning at 9am.  I HAVE to be under my 5% goal!  I have been sitting around that goal for weeks now.  Some days I'm a pound over and some days I'm 2-3 pounds under.  Depends on the day, the water retention and my meals on the weekends.  I wish I would have lost another 10 lb's and given myself a buffer, butIi didn't.

I went into that last meal phase.  "Hey let's have lasagna cause I won't be able to have that again, or at least for a very long time."  That phase can be dangerous.  There's a lot of "last meals" out there.

Problem is, if I go over my 5% goal, they cancel my surgery.  I am under it, 3lb's under right now.  I am just so stressed that I'm gonna bloat up and fail my weigh in on thursday!!  It's all so close it's almost unfathomable. 

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  1. Try this for a change and quick water-loss. Don't eat any grains or starches after 3P. I'm not messing with your breakfast or lunch but your dinner and afternoon snacks... lean protein and veggies... maybe a small peice of fruit or nuts for a snack or dessert. up your water and sip it throughout the day... Try it from now till your weekend away... it might give you more of a buffer and you can continue it until your weigh-in day...