Thursday, April 7, 2011


Had my pre-op appointment today.  Met my new surgeon.  Did I mention I had a new surgeon?  So my original one, who John and I were very happy with apparently had a tendon completely dislocate from his finger during a gall bladder surgery.  So a surgeon with a finger that has been recently operated on and in a contraption is not necessarily the surgeon you want trying to operate on you.  And he's out until June.  I did have the option of waiting for him to return to surgery.  I didn't like that option.  So today we met the other surgeon.  LOVED him!  Very direct and upfront.  Great bedside manner and from all the research I've done, a very skilled surgeon.  We're happy.

Sat and signed all the consent forms, had to take a small quiz to see if I have been paying attention to everything, received lab orders for pre-surgery and went through all my medications to determine what changes will be made.  Currently I take 4 injections and 14 pills a day.  The last time I will take that many will be the night before surgery.  Immediatly after surgery my medications will change to 0 injections and 6 pills a day.  Eventually all but 3 of those pills may be gone in a matter of months.  The last 3, well we'll see.  Those are my "happy" pills and well, that's a whole different story!

The biggest batch of meds that are immediatly going away are my diabetic medications.  I'll still test my sugars to be safe for awhile, but about 99% of people that go through this never have to take their diabetes meds again.  Oh how nice that will be!!

Just 6 more days! 

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  1. glad you like the new surgeon! Cute cartoon.