Friday, April 29, 2011

2 Week Update, More Food Choices!

I'm officially down 27 lb's after 2 weeks.  That is just crazy to me. Michael weighs 27 lb's.  I've basically lost a toddler!  Can I tell?  Yes and no.  When you look at yourself every day, it's hard to see sometimes.  But today I noticed I only have a double chin now!!  lol.  Some of my shirts are definitly getting baggy.  And today I was able to put on a pair of pants AND zip them up that I haven't been able to wear for 2 years.  That made my day! 

This week I am able to have mushy protiens added in.  I was so looking forward to having eggs again.  Got up Wednesday morning, scrambled up an egg and dug in.  Nope!  Can't do it.  The texture was not good, the taste was eh, and it sat in my stomach/pouch like a rock.  So disappointing.  So I thought well maybe it was just cooked to long, too dry.  So the next morning I tried again.  Only this time I made an over medium and then chopped it all up mixing in that yummy yolk making it nice and moist.  Took two bites and couldn't do any more.  Wanted to throw it up.  They told me that food you onced like may not be the same again, obviously this was the case!  So no more eggs.  For now anyway, maybe I'll try again someday. 

I do have other options.  Cottage cheese goes down real well.  Yogurt is good.  Fred Meyer has a brand called carb master.  It has 3g's of sugar and 4g's of carbs.  It's not the best yogurt I've ever had but it's still good.  I can try greek yogurt but haven't yet.  I do have some recipes for pates, but really..pate's are best on a cracker.  Since I would basically have to eat it plain off the spoon, I think I'll wait until next week when I can actually have pieces of meat.  I did try a new recipe today and really liked it.  For 2 servings you put a 1/4 cup ricotta cheese in a bowl, cover with 1/4 cup spaghetti sauce and skim shredded mozerella cheese.  Heat in microwave.  It's basically a noodleless lasagna.  Not bad for a change.  I used the Classico brand Vodka sauce and for a 1/2 cup serving it only has 3g's of sugar and 9g's of carbs.  And it tasted REALLY good!

So that's what I'm up to.  Healing well, not having any complications at this point.  Had post op with Surgeon yesterday and he was very pleased with how well everything is going.  I feel better everyday and am truly enjoying all the changes.

Thank you all for you thoughts and prayers through this!  Now that I'm off the drugs I'll be more coherent and try to post more.


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  1. 27 pounds!! That's amazing! Congratulations! I'm almost 3 weeks out and also in the mushy stage. I am actually trying scrambled eggs this morning. We'll see. Tuna was a disaster earlier this week. Ground turkey with spaghetti sauce--pretty good. :-) I'm so happy for you! Keep up the great work!!